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Updated: May 7

Nigel has been diligently blasting through Cloud Bet Bot and his servers to ensure we get off to a smooth start with Portfolio Bet.

We have experienced some delays with our hosting company we use, as they have required more time to prepare everything at their end.


Portfolio Bet as simple as it is to operate for members, it is actually a very complicated and demanding beast to operate.


Nigel has been burning the midnight oil, and as I type this brief update he's taken himself off to lay face down in a dark room for the rest of the day to recharge.


I can only imagine how taxing looking at lines of code all day must be, but to his credit he sleeps it off and bounces back refreshed ready to go.


Why am I telling you this.... Well, we are now looking at launching Portfolio Bet after the weekend. I would say realistically we should be looking at next Thursday or Friday latest.


The job checklist is nearly ticked off ready to go live, but I want to see the latest server updates running the strategies within Portfolio Bet for a few days more, and I also want Nigel to have a proper rest over the weekend so he can come back fully refreshed on Monday with a clear head.


We should then just need a few days more to sit back and watch everything running like clockwork, and then I can send the invites to everyone who is registered.


Tuesday I will present the full portfolio strategy list, with the results running using exchange straight, and for BSP so you can compare and decide which suits you better. This will be a complete detailed breakdown.


I just wanted to keep you fully in the loop with were we are up to, as we were expecting to be set up ready to go live this week.

Sometimes these things are blessings in disguise, as from my side I can spend more time with the strategy programming up to sharing the data with you on Tuesday.


We are genuinely very excited to be near completion and almost ready to launch Portfolio Bet for our members.


Thank you for your patience.


Best Regards


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