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About Us

Maximize Profit Growth with Minimal Effort

Portfolio Bet is a combination of Nigel Dove's many years developing software within the betting industry, and Ryan J L Phillips experience creating automated betting strategies.

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Our Story

Nigel and Ryan have worked together for five years combining betting strategy and betting analysis concepts with ground breaking automation.

The concept for Portfolio Bet came when Ryan and Nigel were discussing how to bring together betting strategies we have had in development for a number of years.   


Instead of releasing these individually, we want instead to combine everything to reduce the decision making for members, and create a managed portfolio for members.


Without the need for members to spend time calculating individual investment amounts and staking.  To make everything as easy as possible to track and set up, but most importantly providing consistently profitable long term bet investing portfolio.  

We have a combined 40 years of experience within the betting and investing industry, and five years working together. 


Nigel has worked on numerous start up projects such as Bet Mover, and he owns Hedger Pro and Cloud Bet Bot, which offers automated solutions to betting content creators.  There is nobody within the betting industry that has the same level of experience and understanding to create automated betting services as Nigel.


Ryan used to write for the Betfair community, and currently owns Exponential Bet, which is a multi layered betting automation website.  He has previously owned Zerohype, which pioneered to concept of multiple contributors offering bet advice services from one site, along with matched betting options that helped forge and develop that space to become what it is today.

We are both 100% dedicated to ensure Portfolio Bet becomes one of the most profitable and easy to operate automated managed betting solutions available anywhere online or offline.

Meet The Team


Ryan J L Phillips

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Automated Strategy Creation


Nigel Dove

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Software Development

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