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A Suite of Fully Automated Hands off Bet Investments

What is Portfolio Bet?

Portfolio Bet operates four betting strategies concurrently using automation. 


This is done from one stake amount, which is set by our members within the cloud betting software included with each membership plan. 

Members have full control of their staking, but we do offer bet investing guidance in addition to this.  This is to help each member bet within comfortable levels, while achieving consistent long term growth on their balance.  The ability to override the guidance for a more cautious or aggressive plan if required is available within the software.

The bets are placed using the Betfair Exchange, and within the UK horse racing win market.  This means you will never be banned for winning too much using Betfair, as Betfair take a small commission on your winnings.  They effectively want you to win, unlike traditional bookmakers.  

In addition to this, betting within the UK horse racing win market gives us an opportunity to bet virtually all year round, and within a very liquid and active betting market.

We have two lay betting and two backing strategies included within Portfolio Bet, which are set to run alongside each other within your bet portfolio from the single stake amount you save within your software dashboard.  The four strategies work within your investment amount set at the start, aiming to build your profit over the long term.

Setting up Portfolio Bet is very easy, with just two options to select once you have decided how much money to put in. 


You can decide to bet either direct to the betting exchange minutes before the race commences, hoping for more favorable odds, or you can opt to select Betfair Starting Price (BSP), and take the odds at race start that Betfair offer as SP.

All four betting strategies included within Portfolio Bet are designed to be long term bet investments, with a sensible realistic annual point start up advised to achieve the average annual +300 points profit projection. 

If you are able to set up a balance you can afford to invest, and leave this to operate using full automation for twelve months with an investor mindset, not a typical betting and punter mindset, then Portfolio Bet could be just what you're looking for.

You need to be able to let the betting to run hands off, not tinker constantly with your staking, allowing up and down periods to run their course within your allotted bet investment, in order to be set up in the right place when the high growth periods occur, and reap the reward.  

Each year you can re adjust your investment to continue, re invest, or withdraw, but the ambition of Portfolio Bet is that each member has a view to steadily increase the value of their bet portfolio to an impressive amount over the years. 

The Service

The Proposition

Members have access to a fully managed Betfair exchange betting portfolio.

What to Expect

Set up is quick and easy, with stake and investment size calculated automatically.


No daily input is required, automated betting results are trackable via the software included.

Getting Started & Being Successful


Sign Up

Registration is straight forward.  Simply select the membership option that suits you best from the JOIN button via the main menu.  Enter your details as instructed, and you will be forwarded to a set up page that explains clearly how to start the software betting with the amount you wish to invest, with further advice regarding betting direct to the exchange or utilizing Betfair Starting Price. 


Money Management

When you have decided what size stake to use, and saved your settings within the software, all your bets from that point on will be placed using that point value.  The results will be published every month based on one point value per bet, i.e. your stake amount, so you will be able to track your results within the software itself, and via the updated RESULTS made available from the main menu.  This will aid you in tracking your progress, and to make the decision to either re-invest or withdraw profit each year.


Forward Planning

The entire concept and set up for Portfolio Bet is to build an investment over the months and years.  It is not set up for short term profits, and as such requires sensible planning with the correct attitude to forward think, in order to reach the high profit growth betting periods.  We provide the tools to be able to set up your investment within comfortable betting limits, and provide our members with a bet investing opportunity.  The goal is to use the strategies included within Portfolio Bet to build your betting balance within the Betfair Exchange

Choose Your Membership

We have Quarterly & Annual Subscriptions available to select.  Become a member today and start building your betting portfolio.

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