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Set Up Instructions

Thank you for joining Portfolio Bet.  You can find the set up instructions on this page, but if there is anything you're unsure about, simply drop us an email and we will come back to you as soon as we can. 



Register Cloud Bet Bot

You will receive an email from Cloud Bet Bot with instructions on how you register to use the software, and link your Betfair account for it to place bets on your behalf.  The email used to sign up is the one you need to use when registering your Cloud Bet Bot account, as that will be linked to Portfolio Bet.  

If you already have a Cloud Bet Bot account, and you have used the same email address to sign up for Portfolio Bet, you can skip this step, as Portfolio Bet will appear in your dashboard at your next login.


Enter Your Stake

When you have registered Cloud Bet Bot and linked your Betfair account, if it wasn't already done, you simply need to click on Portfolio Bet in your Cloud Bet Bot dashboard.  

Once opened you will see a box for your investment, and one for your stake. If you enter the total amount you wish to invest in the investment box,  then click return, Portfolio Bet will automatically adjust your stake to manage a 200 point bank.  If you were to enter your stake first then click enter, the software would show you what the recommended investment size should be.

You can opt to follow this advice, or override it by just entering the stake size you want.

Please do not adjust the Active Until date range. 

betting software


Choosing The Right Order Type

You have two order type options, either Exchange, which bets direct to the exchange before the race starts.  This is recorded as MTP (minutes to post) in the results.  You can also select BSP (Betfair Starting Price), which will put your bets on according to Betfair's starting price.

It is important to note BSP betting requires a minimum stake size of £10.00.  Which is the minimum size allotted by Betfair to cover a fixed liability lay bet.


Start Betting

You have now selected your stake size (which can be any amount from 10p to £250), and decided on the bet order type you will bet with. 


Now all that remains is to move the slider on your Portfolio Bet dashboard to active, and then save your settings. 

When you click save, you will be prompted to then close the following screen.  

Your software is now set up according to your parameters.


The next applicable qualifying bets will then be placed according to your bet size.

There will not be a bet every single race, and some days will be busier than others, in fact there may be some blank no bet days even in a row.

However, most of the time there will be bets each day, and usually it is quite active.  With a cross section of lay and back bets some days, other days just lays or backs.

betfair betting software

Track Your Bet History

It couldn't be easier to keep track of your bets placed within the Portfolio Bet dashboard, under the Bets Placed section.  You can filter using the dropdown up to twelve months, and set your Betfair commission level to record accurately your profit and loss after deductions. 

You can also download your results into a CSV file to have your own digital copy, and we highly recommend you do this to keep a back up.

result history

Manage Your Account

You can keep track of your subscription and manage this via the account drop down option at the top of the page, to the right of the main menu.

Should you wish to cancel your subscription, you have the option to manage this within your account settings under subscriptions.

Do not send an email asking for a membership to be cancelled, this is fully in your control via the member dashboard. 

You will also see the bell icon notify you whenever there is any site news or a new blog post updated, and any future product sales will all be recorded here. 

member management
account management

More Info

Portfolio Bet is a straightforward set up, but there will always be something we need to improve upon, or some information we think we've covered, but you need further clarification.  

If in doubt reach out, and drop us an email to 

We will always do our best to get back in touch with you as soon as possible.  Typically within 24 hours.

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